Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Girl In Town

So a friend on mine, you know who you are, told me I should start blogging. I've been somewhat nervous about doing this because I thought and still think that I don't really have anything interesting to say. But I though I would try it out. So here goes I'm doing it. so far my heart rate is normal and my palms are not sweaty. Hey maybe I can do this. Oh and I'm sorry for any misspellings and grammical errors. I did go to collage an even graduated but hey sometimes it's hard to tell.
Like I said in the "About Me" section of this blog I like to design cards and invitations. So allow me to give myself a little plug. My business blog is in the process of getting a serious facelift but you can check it out right now @ my etsy shop and even make a purchase!! yay!! or feel free to follow me on twitter. (my business account) and

So anyway enough of that. Okay so here is the deal. I promise to try and post something everyday as long as you come back and read and comment as often as you can. Deal? okay i'm counting on you. Don't make me regret creating this blog people. On that note I am happy to take this journey with you.

Until my next post....take care


  1. Yay for blogs! :-)

    Oh, and when are we having our next movie night? :-)

  2. I'm very excited you started a blog! I love blogging, such a fun way to reconnect and get to know people even better. :) Keep it up, I'm reading!