Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...And Then I Panicked!

This post is about an experience I had once while working at a group home for at risk teenagers.
Do not worry I will not disclose names or the location or name of the treatment center. That would be a violation of privacy.

This experience was by far the scariest situation I had ever been in, in my entire life thus far.
Maybe if I tell it in story form It won't be so traumatic for you.....okay for me.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Melissa and she was a very happy and energetic woman. She lived in a land of prosperity and beauty. Her job was to watch over and protect the youth of this valley she lived in. One day while under her watchful care, one of the youth in this valley fell dangerously ill.

Melissa didn't think it was that serious so she told the girl to go to bed and lay down for a little while and maybe she would feel better after getting some rest.
While making her rounds around the valley, checking on her youth, she came upon the sickly girl. While glancing at her, Melissa realized something was terribly wrong!
The girl had thrown up next to her bed and had after looking at the pile of vomit next to the girl's bed she started to breathe harder. "This is not normal" Melissa thought.
The vomit was a strange color, a color she had never seen before.

Melissa flew into action and grabbed her friend (we will call him sir helps a lot) to help her. Sir helps a lot picked up the girl and rushed her to the chariot. He placed her inside and got in the passenger seat. Melissa got behind the reins and took off down the street.

While driving, Sir helps a lot said in a loud voice, "She's stopped breathing!" Melissa started to panic. She drove faster bobbing and weaving through traffic. Going as fast as she could. Sir helps a lot performed CPR on her and got her breathing once more.

This calmed Melissa down a little. But she did not let up on her driving. After 1 min. Sir helps a lot said once more "She stopped breathing again!" Melissa knew she had to hurry! The hospital was only a block a way.

Melissa pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and sir helps a lot rushed the girl inside.
The girl was saved and all was well.

The End.

Pheww that felt better in story form. I will never forget that experience for as long as I live.
For those of you who want to know what this girl did to make herself so sick, leave me a comment and I will answer it. :-)

When was a time when you panicked?


  1. um OK so gotta know--what did she do?

  2. So scary! Sounds like she overdosed on something. Yeesh, that poor girl! I hope she got the help she needed. Good for you and Sir-Helps-A-Lot for springing into action and saving her life!

  3. Yes she did do it to herself. She did it on purpose. She drank spider spray!!!!

  4. Gross! Ahhhhh the good old group home

  5. I remember when this happened! Or at least I remember this story....can't remember which.

  6. Ha Ha!! I remember telling you Camille. I will never forget it.

  7. Oh my gosh! That must have been terrifying! And spider spray? The kind for killing spiders? Thank God you and Sir were there for her. Hopefully she's learned from the horrible experience.

    I've never experienced anything even close to that. I panicked when I wanted my ob to perform the c-section on my twins NOW, but that's about it.

  8. Sheesh, you've never told me about that.

  9. Wow Julie I think a c-section is something to panic just a little bit about. I would feel the same way.


    I had completely forgotten about it until recently. Scariest moment of my life so far.