Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who's Coming To Dinner?

This post was inspired by Terri over at Peace, Love and Applesauce.
She posted a pet peeve of hers about how she has been reading more and more about how families
don't eat dinner together anymore. It thought this was a great topic to start a discussion with my bloggy friends. :-)

It seems nowadays that families do not eat at the same time or same table anymore. When I was growing up, that was how my family stayed involved in each other's lives. It was a family bonding moment. Now dinner is served in bedrooms, on the couch, in front of the tv or on the go. It seems like no one has time for each other anymore.

I think the world needs to get more in the habit of eating together.
this brings in conversation with one another,
ends disputes,
brings in feelings of love and togetherness in our families, brings us closer
and could possible bring world peace (who knows that might be true). :-)

So what about you?
Who comes to dinner at your house?


  1. i love the idea of family dinners together. and i love eating at the table instead of the couch! haha! :)

  2. I completely agree! I grew up with family dinners and we do them every night too. Sometimes the hubby has to work late, but that just means the boys and I eat earlier, and then have a snack with him while he eats his dinner later. I love that time together.

  3. Holly,

    Yes!! I love the time eating family dinners with my family. It's such a warm cozy feeling of home. I loved the story about you and your cute boys eating a snack when your hubby has to eat late. Super Cute!

  4. We always ate as a family as I was growing up. It was great. I don't do that so much anymore because it has just been my husband and I most of our married life. But, my brother and his family still do it. On Sundays they have the grandparents over for dinner.

  5. In the south children usually sit with their generations for holiday dinners. I always sat at the child table or with my generation and my father with his and so on.

    It was interesting. Apparently that is uncommon outside of that region. That has some of my best memories though.

  6. Karen,

    Thank you for sharing that!


    That's very interesting I've never heard of that before. Thank you for posting

  7. My memories from family dinners involve all 6 children fighting to talk over each other to tell Mom about our day.

    At the time, it was pretty annoying. In hindsight, I think how great it was that my parents raised children who would actually wanted to tell them about their day. I didn't realize how many other families lived together without talking to each other much at all.

    Now that it's just my husband and I, we make it a point to eat at the table together for at least one meal a day. Even if it's just the two of us, it makes a difference in our marriage because we are prioritizing family time.

  8. I have a similar post in the making, how funny!

    Growing up we usually ate in front of the t.v. together. In Hubby's family it was around the table every night. We now do it his way, which I think is much better.

  9. I only have 3 of my kids left at home, so we usually eat in the kitchen these days instead of our massive dining room. (You can tell our house is ancient... no one builds houses nowadays where the dining room is the biggest room in the house!) But whoever is home at dinner time eats together. That's the way it was growing up for my family and it's something I've held on to. Since my kids are teenagers, sometimes it's the only time we're all together all day!

  10. I hear you on this one, and sadly we don't have dinners together like we used to. My husband and I are both adjunct professors on the side--he teaches on Monday and Tuesday nights, I teach on Thursday nights, and often we interchange giving each one time away from baby duty on Fri. nights. We eat together a few days out of the week...I'm hoping to change this, however, because you are absolutely right! Families do need more bonding eliminate stress, talk through disagreements, etc. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happily following you!

  11. We eat as a family every night and it's one of my favorite things to do as a famly.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.