Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Love List

Okay peeps here is a list of the top things that I look for in a man. Maybe you will see one on my list that falls under your list.

Top 10 things I look for in the opposite sex

1. Has to have the same beliefs a I do
2. Has to have a good sense of humor
3. Has to be courteous and sensitive to others
4. I need to be physically attracted to him (notice this is not number one on my list. I've often come across men who are attractive and their personality is the total opposite.)
5. He has to love kids
6. Has to know how to work with his hands
7. Has to be goal oriented
8. Has to be a take charge kind of guy
9. Needs to have a mellow personality because i'm a HUGE stresser
10. Needs to love to travel

Now some of these things are not as important as others but still it's kind of fun to once in a while physically write down what you are looking for. I don't think my list is to far fetched. I think it's actually quit obtainable.
I don't ask for much. :-D

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