Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make If You Are Lucky Enough To Be My Hairdresser

Okay kiddles this post was inspired by Mamma Kat @ Mama Kat's Losin It

If you are lucky enough to be my hairdresser, then here are just a few basic rules you should follow. :-D I'm not picky or anything.

1. You need to update your magazines so that I have some variety to look at while I'm giving you my money.

2. Don't talk to me about how hard your life is. Then it makes me feel bad for sitting in your chair being pampered by you. I always feel like I should get up give you a massage or something.

3. Please talk to me while doing my hair. It's always awkward just sitting there while the only sound you hear is the blow dryer.

4. When other customers come in, it's okay to talk to them but don't completely ignore me.

5. Don't tell me how dry and nasty my hair is. I already know!! I come and secretly hope that you don't notice. When you voice it out loud my fear has become reality.

6. Don't eat and cut my hair at the same time. I understand you're hungry. I can come at a different time. and chew with your mouth closed!

7. If I come to you on a day when I have not put any makeup on, because I've given up on society for a day and I just don't care anymore, DON'T tell me how crappy I look!!

8. Don't ask me what I want done to my hair and THEN do whatever you want! Just because you're a hairdresser doesn't mean that you know everything about how my hair works. If you want my money then do what I ask.

9. Don't keep canceling my appointments. I will dump you!!

10. If I decided to go to another stylist don't act all offended. Why is it whenever I change stylists they act like I've committed adultery or something. If you are going to act like that then you are in the wrong business!


  1. Seriously, someone tried to cut your hair and eat at the same time? Good grief. Thanks for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow.

  2. Yeah it was pretty sick. :-D
    Thanks Julie for stopping by my blog as well.

  3. Hi Melissa! I just found your blog (I was on Tory's) and thought I would pop in and say hello. Cute posts and on this one - it's hysterical. I have a haircut scheduled for Friday and I can virtually guarantee they are going to tell me my hair is icky. I hate that. I have three kids and no time to pamper - what do they expect????

  4. Thanks for stopping by Lindsay. I'm on my way to check out your blog. :-)

  5. lol this appealed to me, I hate going to a salon and have a girl come to the house to do my hair, thanks for the blog and thanks for stopping by XXX

  6. Thanks for the comment! I love the list. I was just thinking about #8 earlier today when I wanted a new hair style but my last stylist, no matter WHAT I SAID would try to give me a mullet. It was so unfortunate. (o:

  7. HA! I don't even GO to a hairdresser any more because they all talk to each other, and LOUD! HELLO! Over here! I am your CUSTOMER! Sadly, I don't think they miss me.

    Thanks for your comment on MY blog. ;)

  8. Oh my gosh, I can totally relate! Not the eating thing, but the complaining about their lives. I also don't like it when they're sidetracked, because I swear, I can see a difference in the quality of cut!

    By the way, LOVE the new blog look and the band photos below. Classic!

  9. haha all around agreed! i hate it when they don't talk..then you awkwardly make eye contact in the mirror haha. not fun.

  10. Hi, Melissa, thanks for stopping by to say hello! Nice to meet you too, hope you'll come back around.

    CUte post! I think we've all had these feelings about our hair person.

  11. It's true! I once had to fake my own death to escape my hairstylist who insisted on cutting my hair the same way every time (which is NOT what I requested).

  12. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I laughed at some of them. Great stories!

  13. LOL I loved this! I totally feel like I'm cheating if I try out another hairdresser. And then I feel guilty afterwards, like I've done something really wrong! I'm glad it's not just me! Thanks for your visit yesterday!