Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Celebrity Crush Of The Week

Okay for those of you who watch the tv show White Collar, then you know who i'm going to say. I don't even have to mention his name. Your hearts already start to beat faster and your staring off into the distance right now dreaming about him.

Okay if you don't watch the show I will give you a clue.

Still don't know?

How about now?!!

Oh Matt Bomer. Such a cuttie. Look at those eyes!! Can you stand it? I highly suggest that you start watching this comedy/drama tv show about an FBI agent teaming up with an ex con artist.

Okay I showed you mine now it's time for you to show me yours.
Who is your celebrity crush this week?


  1. A toss up between Lucas Bryant (Nathan-Haven on SyFy) and Jacky Chan (circa Rush Hour). I know, what a bizarre mix. But both have a upright integrity to the characters in those roles. Naughty and hot is always fun, but integrity is sexy.

    I do love Bomer (so pretty), but I feel just as warm towards his FBI guy for different but equal reasons.

  2. Nicole,

    Yes I do love his FBI Partner. Not as pretty as Bomer but his sincerity and kind heart make him adorable.

  3. Yes...... he is dreamy..... :)
    My husband and I love the show! It is actually the only one we record & watch faithfully.

  4. Because I really like the Twilight series, I really like Taylor Lautner. I'm not sure if it is because he is so cute or if it is because I really like Jake from the books. At any rate, he is cute.

  5. Stef,

    I'm not a fan of Jake's character in the books but I do like the way he looks in the last two movies!! he he! :-)

  6. I love love the OH so Cute actor in Bounty Hunter!! He was in PS I love you as well... I think? ;) I am bad with actor names and stuff like that... but anyway... he makes my heart pitter patter!! sh...... don't tell my hubby! =)

  7. I love White collar! That is one of our favs as wells as Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Psych. I would say my celeb crush is Christopher Gorham. H plays a blind guy in Covert Affairs and Elder Groberg in The Other Side of Heaven. Matt Bomer is adorable as well.

  8. Seizing the day I think I know who you're talking about and yes he is dreamy.


    Those are all good ones as well. :-)

  9. For me, it depends on the day I think. Hahaha. I really enjoyed Josh Holloway of LOST! He is very nice to look at. Haha.