Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook Stats

This post was inspired by CA Girl

The idea was to take a friend's status and copy and paste and see how it looks. Is it kind of like a story or is just a bunch of random sentences?

Here is one of my friend's status updates.

Ack. If it weren't for Ibuprofen I wouldn't be breathing right now.... Here's to hoping I feel better by tomorrow night's parent meeting.

More character stalking - with my sister and nieces. Trip to Idaho.

Things that make me happy:

Road trips, blank paper, The Moldau,
movies, Hayley Westenra's Never Saw Blue, new socks, my students,
mechanical pencils, the Steve Nielsen family, flying, yummy smelling
candles, mornings, buttered and toasted English Muffins, cereal,
being a temple worker, Pandora, the Drycreek S.S. group, blankets,
discovering new music, Nolan, Marche Slav, teaching... The list goes
on and on. :-)

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, one Lava Hot Springs picture (didn't have my camera in the water, so couldn't take other pictures. :-)), and stalking my main character. :-)

Ahhhh! I just finished reading the BEST BOOK EVER!!! Jenni - you stinkin' rock! Thanks for letting me read Northanger Alibi!! (Author Jenni James- she's amazing!)

I have a secret to tell (from my electrical well).... Actually, I do. And it's a good one. :-) :-)

This weather is AMAZING!! I could sit outside all day and watch it! Under a porch, of course. :-)

And there you have it my friends. Hopefully my friend doesn't mind that I took her stats and put them here. I love you Andrea don't be mad. :-)

What are some facebook stats you've seen?


  1. what a cute idea! i think i'll be more careful with my status updates! i wouldn't want them posted on my blog. hmmmm...that's food for thought, isn't it? if i wouldn't want it on my blog, should i really be saying it at all?

  2. That is too funny...I might even try that on myself and see how zany I sound!